House Democrats' vote totals nationwide near that of Trump's 2016 sum—Can you say 'mandate'?

Just wow. Five Thirty Eight’s Nate Silver notes that House Democrats will likely amass close to 60 million votes nationwide when the dust settles on the midterms. That figure will come darn close to reaching the total number of votes cast for the last several GOP presidential nominees, with Donald Trump garnering about 63 million votes, Mitt Romney getting some 61 million in 2012, and John McCain receiving around 60 million votes nationwide.

What that means is the House Democratic majority will have the backing of a number of voters that rivals the number of voters who supported the GOP’s presidential candidate in 2016—and Democrats will have gotten that backing during a frickin’ midterm vote. That is simply unprecedented, just like Trump winning the electoral college while losing the popular vote by some 3 million votes was. By comparison, the incoming House GOP majority in 2010 got about 45 million total votes in their wave election.

In other words, House Democrats will head into next year with an unprecedented mandate from an election that sent pundits on a week-long debate over whether it was really a wave. Maybe we should ask the GOP’s Orange County contingent what they think after every one of them got washed away.

In fact, the Republican party might want to spend a little more time contemplating California now that they’re on track to decisively alienate both America’s suburban voters and voters of color. California—where Republicans are now less relevant to major legislative decisions than mosquitoes are to major camping decisions—is where the future national Republican party is heading.   

Source: dailykos