Hyde-Smith promoted 2007 resolution praising Confederate soldier who 'fought to defend his homeland'

Another day, another report on Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith’s racist history. And yes, promoting a 2007 bill honoring the last surviving Mississippi daughter of a Confederate soldier by heaping praise on her father using the language of Civil War revisionist groups counts as racist.

The resolution refers to the Civil War as “The War Between the States.” It says [Pharr’s] father “fought to defend his homeland and contributed to the rebuilding of the country.” It says that with “great pride,” Mississippi lawmakers “join the Sons of Confederate Veterans” to honor Pharr.

The modern Sons of Confederate Veterans is a revisionist, pro-Confederacy group devoted to defending monuments to the Confederate cause—many of which the organization itself installed—and to pretending that none of it is related to raw racism even though the plain history of it shows otherwise. It was the same in 2007, when Hyde-Smith and other conservative Mississippi lawmakers from both parties were surgically attaching their lips to the Confederate backside.

Hyde-Smith also introduced a 2001 bill to return a highway to its 1930’s designation as the “Jefferson Davis Memorial Highway.” It failed.

Source: dailykos