In Georgia, Kemp snaps a picture with a known white nationalist but refuses to apologize for it

For a man who’s running to be the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp seems unwilling to acknowledge that Georgians represent people of all colors, ethnicities, and religious backgrounds. In addition to his massive voter suppression tactics that almost exclusively impact voters of color, Kemp is also running a campaign that specifically demonizes and targets immigrants—and he makes no distinction between those in the country with legal authorization (like DACA recipients) and those without. In last week’s gubernatorial debate, when asked if DACA recipients should be eligible for in-state tuition in Georgia, he specifically called them “illegals” and said he doesn’t believe in taking care of people who are not “our own.” 

But it’s not just voters of color and immigrants that Kemp doesn’t care about. It has also come to light that earlier this month during a campaign event at Wild Wing Cafe in Augusta, Georgia, Kemp stopped to take a photo with James Stachowiak. Stachowiak is a white nationalist and is well-known around the political scene in Georgia. This is the very shirt he was wearing when he met Kemp. It reads: “Allah is not God and Muhammad is not his prophet.” The back of the T-shirt says: “Islam is of the devil.”

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Source: dailykos