InSight lander: Nasa probe touches down on Mars – live updates

Joy and cheering at Nasa as Insight lander touches down on the red planet: ‘Touchdown confirmed!’ Follow all the latest live

9.33pm GMT

Over at writer Lee Cavendish has some good background information on what the InSight mission is aiming to achieve:

About 4.5 billion years ago, the eight planets of our solar system were formed. All eight planets were formed from a clumpy disk of rock, ice and debris orbiting the young sun.

Fast-forward to the present and we now see a distinct difference between the inner and outer planets. The terrestrial planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) all have a dense, rocky structure, with only one able to support life.

9.16pm GMT

Nasa helped organize viewing parties for the InSight landing around the US and Europe. One was in Times Square, where the live stream from Nasa control was broadcast on one of the big advertising boards:

Did you watch @NASAInSight’s #MarsLanding? The live Mars mission was broadcast live today on the @Nasdaq tower in #TimesSquare with @NASA team members in attendance! Congratulations @NASAJPL/@NASA on a successful landing.

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Source: theguardian