International Women's Day 2019: US women's soccer team sues over discrimination – live

Follow all the news and developments as people mark International Women’s Day around the world, including

8.32pm GMT

Outside of protests, women are also being celebrated in the arts. In New York City, classical radio station WQXR is playing 24 hours of music composed by women.

WQXR’s 24-hour marathon of women composers starts today, as does our initiative to increase the number of women composers we regularly play on air.

The music is in part voluptuous, coquettish, Wagnerian in intensity and harmony, yet intimate, sensual, charming and surprising. Among the poets whose texts she chose to set were Richard Dehmel and Rainer Maria Rilke. They expressed a visceral, sensual empathy with nature, magnifying emotions, yet they were also suspenseful, remote and ghostly. There is often a sexual charge to Dehmel’s poetry, which must have seemed perverse at the time.”

7.51pm GMT

Photos and video are emerging on social media from the demonstrations in Istanbul, where riot police fired tear gas at the crowds.

This is how Turkish police responded to the Women’s March in Istanbul’s Istiklal Street tonight,

Scenes from Women’s Day march in Istanbul earlier this evening. Scene 1.

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Source: theguardian