Investigators now have fake documents reportedly given to immigrant workers by Trump resort

Remember former Donald Trump fixer Michael Cohen’s December quote that “nothing at the Trump Organization was ever done unless it was run through Mr. Trump,” now that the FBI and New Jersey investigators are reportedly “scrutinizing” allegations around Trump’s Bedminster golf club, following claims from immigrant workers that members of the resort’s management were, in true Trumpian form, engaged in brazenly criminal activities. 

In the past few weeks alone, at least five workers have bravely stepped forward to say that not only did they work at the resort despite lacking permission to be in the U.S., but that management knew full well about their status. In the case of at least two workers, management is alleged to have helped procure false documentation for them, including fake green cards, which Anibal Romero, attorney for the workers, has now turned over to authorities. 

“The FBI agents told him they would ‘coordinate’ with the New Jersey state attorney general’s office, Romero said,” according to the Washington Post. “The materials collected by law enforcement agencies, first reported by the New York Daily News, indicate that investigators may be launching a probe into the hiring practices of the president’s golf club.” The FBI and state attorney general Gurbir Grewal are so far staying quiet about the report.

Former housekeeper Victorina Morales was among the first workers to speak out, alleging that immigrant employees at the resort were ridiculed by management as “donkeys” and “dogs” and insulted over their English-language proficiency. Then there was the main boss. “When I saw how he talked about us when he started his presidency,” she said about Trump, “I felt humiliated.” Morales worked so close to Trump that she got a special recognition from the White House.

The reported investigation is also hitting Trump close to home in more than one way. “Romero said he first contacted the office of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III in late October seeking guidance on the workers’ allegations,” the Washington Post continued. “Several weeks later, he received a call from the FBI, Romero said. ‘The agent told me that he had received a referral from Robert Mueller’s office and that he had been briefed on the case and he wanted to meet with me in person,’ Romero said.”

It’s no surprise that the hypocrite in chief’s businesses have profited off immigrants, because he’s been doing it for decades, all the way back to the construction of Trump Tower. The difference now, though, is that he’s president, and the allegations from the former workers are a whole different level of shamelessness that may now have the attention of investigators. Hopefully they’ve also noticed that quote from Cohen.

Source: dailykos