Israel election: exit polls show tight race with no clear result yet – live updates

Polling suggests the race for prime minister will be tight, as Benjamin Netanyahu runs against Benny Gantz

9.52pm BST

This is from the Daily Telegraph’s middle east correspondent:

The exit polls are showing that when Israel’s president asks party leaders who should be PM, Netanyahu is likely to have more support.

But if Gantz has clearly won the most seats, the president may feel Gantz has the real mandate to form the government.

9.29pm BST

As we wait for the results to roll in, let’s remember that one of Netanyahu’s most powerful messages to his supporters this election has been the anti-Palestinian concessions he managed to get from Donald Trump.

During his term, Trump has ticked off a series of measures previously demanded by the right wing in Israel but that no previous US leader has agreed to.

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Source: theguardian