Jerry Nadler on Mueller subpoena: 'Won't be long'

House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler told CNN Friday that his panel would subpoena special counsel Robert Mueller if it had to. “It won’t be long if we have to,” Nadler said. 

Just do it, already! Democrats have already given Mueller far too much deference. 

Nadler also cast a positive spin on the fact that former Trump aide Hope Hicks told his committee absolutely zip about her time serving in the White House. He called the Trump administration’s claims of “absolute immunity” patently “absurd,” and said Hicks’ testimony would provide Democrats with fodder in court when they soon file a lawsuit to compel former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify. 

Just do it, already! File that lawsuit. We don’t need any more fruitless closed-door appearances to drive the point home.

Friday, Jun 21, 2019 · 9:00:08 PM +00:00

Kerry Eleveld

More from Politico: “It very much played into our hands,” Nadler said in an interview in his Capitol Hill office Thursday. “It’s one thing to tell a judge blanket immunity is not a right thing. It’s another thing when a judge can see what that means in actuality, and how absurd it is.”

Source: dailykos