Joe Biden and Kamala Harris announce first cabinet picks of their administration – live

8.47pm GMT

Health secretary Alex Azar said the Operation Warp Speed team is coordinating with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team in preparation to distribute a Covid-19 vaccine, in a press call earlier today.

A vaccine has not yet been approved, but manufacturing has taken place throughout the pandemic, so in the event one or more is approved a vaccine could be immediately distributed.

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8.28pm GMT

Biden’s nominees have pushed policies that Trump used to fuel his rise

That’s the rather alarming headline in the Washington Post today, just as the Biden-Harris incoming administration begins to name its top team.

President-elect Joe Biden’s initial slate of nominees demonstrates that he aims to reverse much of President Trump’s agenda with figures who have promoted the policies that Trump rebuffed, denigrated and used to help fuel his rise to power.

Biden’s top picks, announced Monday, in the past helped push for trade deals, aimed to sign international treaties and advocated for foreign wars, positions that after Trump’s victory in 2016 triggered widespread soul-searching among Democrats over how they had misread the sentiments of voters on whose support they had long counted.

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Source: theguardian