Join our 'Roses for Pelosi' effort and thank our new House speaker for her incredible leadership!

Welcome to a new year, and a new day in America, having replaced a crazy unpopular speaker of the House with the most successful one!

Speaker Pelosi in 2010, posing with some of those thousands of roses you guys sent. Let’s do it again! 

The year 2019 will be politically tumultuous, with a cornered traitor in the White House more erratic and dangerous than ever, and the inevitable Democratic pie war as our massive 20-something-candidate presidential field shapes up. But before we get to the poo-flinging (both internal and external), let’s do something nice for once. 

We’re going to take a page from previous community efforts and welcome Speaker Nancy Pelosi with thousands of roses! If $10 buys three roses, we want to get to 10,000, filling her office with a tangible, physical sign of our deep gratitude and appreciation for her strong leadership of our House caucus.

We have done this before, and it’s always amazing and so much fun! Back in 2010, the Daily Kos community flooded her office with roses as a thanks for passing the Affordable Care Act. Organized completely by you guys, a total of 2,600 roses were sent. Pelosi shared those roses with staff and wounded veterans at Walter Reed hospital.

Click here to join the effort! Each rose is $3.33, so you don’t have to give much to be part of this fun, positive gesture!  

Source: dailykos