Just because a right-wing Trump supporter is in custody don't expect the conspiracy theories to stop

“Republicans don’t do things like this!” that was Rush Limbaugh’s widely repeated claim regarding the pipe bombs directed to Democratic leaders by MAGA Bomber terrorist Cesar Sayoc. Where “things like this” doesn’t include bombing over 40 abortion clinics, or the Atlanta Olympics, or the Murrah Federal Building. 

Limbaugh was far from the only right-wing source flying their “false flag” high over the last two days. Fox News chief conspirologist Lou Dobbs spent Thursday posting and deleting tweets that insisted that the bombs were “fake” and followed with an evening show insisting that it was all a plot to distract from the “accomplishments” of Trump. Trump jumped on the same conspiracy train Friday morning, with a tweet where he disparaged the use of the word “bombs” and called it “very unfortunate” that this “stuff” had come along just as Republicans were “doing so well in early voting.”

Throughout the whole affair, Trump has supported the conspiracy theorists by 1) refusing to call devices containing explosive material “bombs,” 2) refusing to name those targeted by the bombs, 3) continuing to blame the media for the “anger.” And just because a Trump-supporting, MAGA hat-wearing rally-goer has been arrested don’t expect that to quiet the Pizzagate Q-Anon trolls of the right. 

It should be expected that Idiocy Central, also known as the Gateway Pundit, would dig in on the false-flaginess of this affair. And they are. But they’ve been joined by a whole squadron of keyboard warriors from the laughably named Project Veritas, who are certain—certain—that that the false flag is still flying in the false breeze. And their conversation has the scary/hilarious tone of something scooped from a notebook on paranoid psychosis.

Laura Loomer: This is the Florida #SuspiciousPackage suspect’s van. Why does it look brand new? These stickers also look like they were printed yesterday.

Big Linz: For a homeless person living in a van its very clean not a scratch on it methinks cesar was paid big dollars to do this SOROS or the DNC or fake news CNN. they are my 3 suspects for this conspiracy.

Merica: If he was driving around in that it would of been destroyed by the DUMRATS!!  You cannot even walk around with a MAGA hat without harassment!!!

The fact that multiple people posted images showing Sayoc’s van and Sayoc both in Florida and at Trump events over the past two years doesn’t even put a dent in the assertions that this is all a Deep State Setup! Why should it, when any evidence that doesn’t fit the alt-Reich worldview is clearly Fake News?
Source: dailykos