Knife-wielding racist arrested in Oregon, days after Christmas Eve attack goes viral

Another day, another racist—but this time, the bigot had a knife. An Oregon woman was arrested Friday after a viral video showed her attack a black family on Christmas Eve, while shouting racial slurs and brandishing a knife. 

Amber Rocco, 39, of Willamina, was caught on camera as she attacked Emora Roberson, her boyfriend Keysaun Goodyear, and Roberson’s aunt in the lot of a McMinnville shopping center. Roberson’s 15-month-old daughter was also in the car.

None of the victims were stabbed, thankfully

What set this particular racist off? Roberson’s aunt supposedly “parked crooked” near Rocco’s truck—which Roberson says was parked in a handicapped space without credentials.

Source: dailykos