Midday open thread: 10 out of 170 debate questions touched on climate; national suicide rate soars

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Ford tells small-town Alabama dealership to knock off its “God, Guns and Freedom” promotion that went viral: The dealership, Chatom Ford, released a Facebook video featuring the general sales manager talking about the promotion that promised a Bible, an American flag, and a certificate good for a 12-gauge shotgun to anyone who buys a car from the start of the promotion until July 31. More than 60,000 people had viewed it over a few days and the dealership sold five cars in short order, a big deal in a town of 1,200 residents near Mobile. But not everybody thought it was a great idea. The video was removed and a statement posted: “Ford Motor Company has asked us to stop running the advertisement. They manufacture the products we are franchised to sell, so we are complying with their request.” Kolby Palmer, the general sales manager, had previously said, “Anyone that doesn’t 100% agree with what we’re portraying, we’re not trying to force our beliefs on anybody. We respect anybody that disagrees, no matter how vehemently they do.”

American sunscreens protect skin but imperil coral reefs while European sunscreens do not: How come? It’s all about the politics of regulation. 



Fifty years ago today, in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, police raided a gay bar called the Stonewall Inn in New York’s West Village. The LGBTQ community fought back. Two trans women of color, Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, helped lead the fight. #Stonewall50 pic.twitter.com/Dje1ZB3Hz2

— Keith Boykin (@keithboykin) June 28, 2019

The two debates saw only 10 of the 170 questions focused on the climate crisis. And they were mostly mediocre. Rebecca Leber, a climate and politics journalist at Mother Jones, tweeted that moderator “Chuck Todd’s ‘we’re moving to climate, guys’ is like the 2nd-rate treatment not far from Crowley’s 2012 ‘you climate people.’ Not really framing for a full-blown crisis.” There was also a focus in questioning on the costs of dealing with the crisis without any balance against the costs of not dealing with it. How much global economic damage will occur depends on how high average temperatures rise by 2100. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released last October calculated it for three scenarios: $54 trillion with 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming; $69 trillion with 2 degrees Celsius of warming; and $551 trillion with 3.7 degrees Celsius of warming. For reference, all the wealth in the world is estimated at about $500 trillion. For further reference, right now, according to a November 2018 report from the World Meteorological Organization, we’re on a trajectory to hit 3-5 degrees Celsius by century’s end.

Gender gap in U.S. World Cup bonuses:

The US women’s national team hasn’t even played in the quarter-final of the Women’s World Cup yet, but the players who helped the US qualify and are in France have each already earned $90,000 in bonuses, according to documents obtained by the Guardian.

Yet, if the US women were entitled to the same World Cup bonuses as the US men’s national team, their rewards would already be six times larger. The women would’ve already earned around $550,000 each, even with nearly half of the Women’s World Cup left to play.

That’s because the men earn more across the board in World Cup bonuses from US Soccer and, on top of that, they are also entitled to a set of bonuses the women don’t get, such as $4.5m to be shared among the players if the men advance to the knockout round of the World Cup.

CDC announces national suicide rates are now 33% above what they were in 1999: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report—Suicide Rates for Females and Males by Race and Ethnicity: United States, 1999 and 2017—documents deaths from 1999 to 2017. For the overall population, the increase was bad enough, up 33%. The largest increase occurred for non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native females, a shocking 139%. For non-Hispanic American Indian or Alaska Native men, there was a 71% increase. 

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Record-setting emoluments, many people are saying! Suppose Trump just won’t leave? UN all but says MBS did the Khashoggi murder. A segment pricing out Trump’s immigration plans—recorded in 2015—predicts more of the horrors than we knew.

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