Midday open thread: A big mistake, a big storm, and a big baby

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is The doomsday bomb:

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The agency that oversees the government’s civilian workforce is facing scrutiny after suggesting federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown barter with their landlords if they can’t make rent payments, advice that it later said was posted “inadvertently.” […]

In a Saturday statement, an OPM spokesman said the document was posted “inadvertently” and that the language was from the 2013 government shutdown. The office “regrets any unintended concern caused by legacy documentation,” the spokesman wrote.

Be careful out there: 

A New Year’s Eve storm is set to bring heavy snow, strong winds and ice to the Northeast, while further south thunderstorms and rain could round out 2018.

A complex storm system will bring a “plethora of impacts” from the Rockies to the Northern Plains and Upper Midwest on Monday, potentially making travel dangerous, the National Weather Service said.

We shall see:

Pacific Gas & Electric Co. could be charged with murder or involuntary manslaughter if authorities determine that recent deadly California wildfires ignited as a result of the “reckless” operation or maintenance of power lines, state prosecutors said.


Baby Ali was born Dec. 12 at Arlington Medical Hospital in Arlington, weighing 14 pounds, 13 ounces. He was the largest baby born in the hospital according to records, a spokeswoman told CNN.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Last show of the year, unless you’re Australian! A language barrier blocks Trump’s wall, and it may be the only barrier he ever gets. Evil genius vs. #dotard debate revisited. Keep an eye on Hungary. Green New Deal saga continues. LePage’s parting shot.

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