Midday open thread: Americans killed in Afghanistan, cathedral dismisses Trump's lie

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U.S. forces report that two American soldiers killed in Afghanistan:

Two American service members were killed during an operation in Afghanistan on Friday, the U.S. and NATO forces said, providing no other details on the combat deaths.

Look, just nominate a woman.

Trump got dunked on by the National Cathedral. Yes, the National Cathedral.

The National Cathedral now joins Tic Tacs and Skittles in the realm of bizarre entities that have had to publicly distance themselves from Trump and his family.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Trump’s McCain meltdown continues. Kushner still using double secret int’l communications because of course. Cindy Yang, beyond Massage-a-Lago. Active shooter drills gone wild. Darwin Darko & peacearena: news from the high seas, and Oklahoma.

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