Midday open thread: Getting high, getting shot, and getting a burger

Today’s comic by Mark Fiore is The Year in Lies:

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Some people leave office to get a lobbying gig, while others …

[Bob] Brady on Thursday ended two decades of service in the U.S. House. That got us thinking about something Brady told us two weeks ago as we trailed him from Philadelphia to the District of Columbia in the final weeks of his term.

The chairman of the Democratic City Committee said he had never smoked marijuana and wanted to try it. Was it legal in Pennsylvania now? he wondered aloud in a car headed for the Capitol.

“I’m gonna do it,” Brady declared. “And I ain’t gonna wait for the law. I could care less.”

Okay, things could be worse:

In 1838, Rep. William Graves, a Kentucky Whig, shot and killed Rep. Jonathan Cilley, a Democrat from Maine, and became the only member of Congress to murder one of his colleagues. 

Offered without comment:

When a Burger King manager offered Curtis Brooner free meals for life after he spent an hour trapped in a dirty bathroom, the Oregon man accepted — with gusto, KPTV reported.

For the next 13 days, the 50-year-old ate for free at the Portland restaurant nearly every day — sometimes twice a day, The Oregonian reported. Then employees told him a district manager had put the kibosh on the deal.

Now Brooner has filed a civil suit to try to force the burger chain to either restore his free meals or pay him the cost of one free meal a week for the probable remainder of his lifetime, KATU reported.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: ZOMG, AOC! Armando in asking: How go the progressive fights? Is Trump a M-Fer who should be impeached? Is that two separate questions? Will inherent contempt come back? Was Trump prompted on Afghanistan revisionism, or just dumb on his own?

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