Midday open thread: Kim Jong-un sends Trump a message; Wampanoag protest taking of their reservation

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A week before Thanksgiving, Mashpee Wampanoag march to get their trust land back: On Wednesday, 200 allies and members of the tribe who met and fed the Pilgrims 400 years ago marched from the National Museum of the American Indian to the Capitol to protest the Trump regime’s decision to take away their reservation. In 2015, the Department of Interior gave the tribe the go-ahead to bring two parcels of land totaling 321 acres into trust. All reservation land in the U.S. is held in protective trust by the federal government, although the protection part has often been observed in theory more than reality. The tribe had planned to build a 123-unit elder and tribal housing facility and a casino. But some businesses and rival casino operators objected and sued, arguing that a 2009 Supreme Court ruling meant that only tribes recognized at the time of 1934 Indian Reorganization Act could bring land into trust. The Mashpee Wampanoags weren’t recognized until 2007. Vice Chair Jessie Little Doe Baird said that once government took Native children away because they were too Indian. Now trust status is being taken because certain tribes supposedly are not Indian enough. She said the 127 other tribes recognized after 1934 should expect this move against her tribe to be repeated against them.

Maybe Mar-a-Lago will be the newest federal lock-up: Seth Meyers on “Late Night” suggests tongue-in-cheek that Donald Trump might have had some other prison reforms in mind Thursday when he endorsed a bill that would reduce some mandatory minimum sentences.


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Reagan Revolution: 1966-2018Cause of Death: Donald J. Trump pic.twitter.com/8P5EAYfZjU

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Construction workers in San Francisco stay on the job despite toxic air caused by wildfire.

• Why your search results are sexist and racist: A conversation about Google’s blind spots: A Salon interview with the author of “Algorithms of Oppression.”

Kim Jong-un sends a message to Washington:

North Korea has tested a “newly developed ultramodern” weapon in an event supervised by leader Kim Jong Un, state media said Friday, amid faltering nuclear disarmament negotiations with the United States.

Very little is known about the weapon or whether it is even new, but the test is the latest sign that Pyongyang is prepared to return to a more militaristic relationship with Washington if talks continue to go poorly.

Democrats divided over how to address climate change: 

Climate change is the first big fight for congressional Democrats as they prepare to take control of the House next year. It’s fracturing the party along fault lines of turf, strategy and age.

At issue is which lawmakers should lead the way, as well as the scope of potential legislation. How the intraparty feud plays out could foreshadow the aggressiveness with which House Democrats try to tackle climate change over the next two years, a critical period that will shape the party’s positions on the environment as it tries to rip the White House away from President Trump.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: To no one’s surprise, Trump’s lies spiked wildly in the run-up to the mid-terms. New names emerge in Mueller’s probe. Is it winding up, or still expanding? Why would the US need to “placate” Turkey on Khashoggi? More emerges on Whitaker’s… unusual path.

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