Midday open thread: Parrots, lions, and an amazing photograph

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is Conspiracy theories.

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A foul-mouthed parrot, who was kicked out of an animal sanctuary for swearing too much, is using technology to cause even more trouble.

The Times of London reports Rocco, an African grey, has been using Amazon Alexa to shop online while his owner was away.

Saudi Arabia rejects U.S. Senate resolution.

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Monday denounced a pair of resolutions passed by the Senate last week that rebuked the Arab kingdom over its military campaign in Yemen and the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, labeling the resolutions an attempt to interfere in Saudi internal affairs based on “unsubstantiated claims and allegations.”

In case you missed it. (No lions were killed in the writing of this story.)

An infamous Italian veterinarian and hunter, who found fame last year due to photos of him posing with a lion he had killed recently, slipped on ice and fell 100 feet to his death while hunting. […]

Ponzetto caused a lot of anger across the internet back in November of 2015, after a series of photos he posted that showed him posing with trophy kills online. […]

Until he died, Ponzetto constantly defended his hobby, saying that veterinary work was not incompatible with hunting, neither in a moral sense or in a professional sense.



One of the coolest shots ever taken of the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and the Orbiter mated up and airborne. Shot by NASA photog Carla Thomas inverted in a Hornet I believe. The folks at Armstrong Flight Research Center were pretty proud of this one the last time I was down there. pic.twitter.com/v25ENifbN9

— Tyler Rogoway (@Aviation_Intel) December 16, 2018

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Turns out people think Trump benefited from Russian misinformation. And American! Weird! Greg Dworkin has news & polls, and points to 2018’s best local investigative reporting in every state. NC-09 gets worse, again. The POTUS who got arrested.

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