Midday open thread: Scrambled egg, home mortgages, and when a scream is not a scream

Today’s comic by Tom Tomorrow is Exonerated!

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Egg Boy isn’t always right:

An Australian teen known around the world as “Egg Boy” conceded on Monday that egging a far-right senator was not the right thing to do, but said the gesture united a world reeling from a white supremacist’s alleged massacre of 50 Muslims in New Zealand.

Not a shock:

White people make up just 10 percent of Detroit’s population but got nearly half of the home mortgage loans made in 2017 for which the race of the applicant was known.


Look at Edvard Munch’s Scream and what do you see? According to the British Museum, you may have it all wrong.

Many people believe it shows a man screaming. Not so, says the museum, which is about to display a black and white print of the image.

“This rare version of the Scream that we’re displaying at the British Museum makes clear that Munch’s most famous artwork depicts a person hearing a ‘scream’ and not, as many people continue to assume and debate, a person screaming,” said Giulia Bartrum, curator of a forthcoming exhibition devoted to the Norwegian artist.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: Greg Dworkin and Armando spend Monday mulling Mueller. Well, Barr, technically. On the policy front, Dems plan an ACA 2.0 reintroduction this week. Then, we revisit the chilling idea that “collusion” might just be a president’s prerogative, after all.

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