Midday open thread: Straw polls, HIV, a win for 'FUCT,' and catching a nosecone

Today’s comic by Jen Sorensen is It’s okay if you’re a Republican:


Sens. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders top a new straw poll from the progressive group MoveOn.org, illuminating how the packed field of candidates is coming into focus for more left-leaning Democratic voters just before the first debate of the 2020 cycle.

The poll, released Tuesday and first reported by NBC News, shows Warren is the top choice of 38 percent of MoveOn’s members nationwide — and the top choice of voters surveyed in the early-voting states of California, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina.

No surprise here:

HIV cases are surging in Huntington, West Virginia, a city already ravaged by the opioid epidemic. Experts worry that the virus could proliferate farther still—particularly since Charleston, the state capital an hour away, shut down its syringe exchange last year. The move restricted access not only to clean needles but to HIV testing as well.

“It’s the looming disaster that we were all afraid of,” says Dr. Judith Feinberg, a professor at West Virginia University School of Medicine. “It’s hard enough to deal with the disease of addiction. And now they have HIV on top of it. It didn’t have to be that way.”

A big fucting deal?

The Supreme Court ruled that the brand “FUCT” should be allowed a federal trademark in a ruling announced Monday, finding that a federal ban on the registration of “immoral” or “scandalous” trademarks violates the First Amendment.

Designer Erik Brunetti wanted to register the trademark for his clothing brand, but the Patent and Trademark Office had refused to register the brand’s name, citing a provision of the Lanham Act that prohibits registration of trademarks that “consist of or comprise immoral or scandalous matter.”

One small step …

SpaceX  has managed to do another thing that seemed audacious and highly unlikely after a few early botched attempts. It used a ship at sea to catch the falling nosecone that shielded the cargo aboard its Falcon Heavy rocket during launch. […]

This is a big deal for SpaceX because it likely makes reusing the fairings much more feasible. CEO Elon Musk  has said that the company is basically throwing away $6 million every time it loses one of these fairings to a hard ocean landing, and so SpaceX has been working on a way to recover the parts – just like it recovers boosters via controlled descent.

On today’s Kagro in the Morning show: A certain “very strong leader” says our drone was in Iranian airspace. Armando has a bit to say about the new WH strategy where everyone has “absolute immunity,” and if not, then some other kind. If not that, then maybe armed militias & stuff.

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