Mitch McConnell goes full-on troll, blames Democrats for North Carolina Republicans' election fraud

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s sole reason for political existence in 2019 is to be a troll. In a floor speech Tuesday, McConnell declared that the “complete debacle” of the fraudulent North Carolina congressional election is the Democrats’ fault. Yep, the election fraud for which Republican Mark Harris and fellow Republicans are vulnerable to prosecution is the fault of Democrats, because they haven’t supported racist voter suppression laws in the state.

“For years and years, every Republican who dared to call for commonsense safeguards for Americans’ ballots was demonized by Democrats and their allies,” McConnell said. “We were hit with left-wing talking points insisting that voter fraud wasn’t real—never happens, they said.” He called the voter ID and voter suppression laws “modest efforts” to ensure the integrity of the vote and said “now that an incident of very real voter fraud has become national news and the Republican candidate seems to have benefited, these long-standing Democratic talking points have been really quiet. Haven’t heard much lately from the Democrats about how fraud never happens, they’ve gone silent. Now some are singing a different tune.”

McConnell is not stupid. He’s evil, but he’s not stupid. He knows that there’s a difference between the kind of election fraud conspiracy the North Carolina Republicans committed and the supposed voter “fraud” Republicans have been screaming about to justify their modern-day Jim Crow laws restricting the votes of people of color and young voters.

In a press release, the Democratic candidate in the race Dan McCready blasted McConnell. “It’s shameful but not surprising that Leader McConnell would take the historic election fraud carried out by my opponent and twist it into a political witch hunt for voter fraud. The fact is that a bipartisan board decided 5-0 that what happened in North Carolina was election fraud, not voter fraud, and it was the voters who paid the price. Leader McConnell’s brand of blind partisanship is exactly why our politics is so broken in this country. Senator McConnell needs to get his facts straight.”

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Source: dailykos