Moscow Mitch's days of dastardly deeds going unrecognized are over

The days of Moscow Mitch McConnell quietly destroying the institutions of government behind the scenes are over, it seems. He’s not getting a pass from anyone these days, and it’s about damned time. His declaration that he will work with the White House—the defendant—to make sure that Donald Trump is acquitted has finally done the trick.

Here’s Glenn Kirschner, a former federal prosecutor and regular cable news guest:


And here’s Newsweek, amplifying that tweet. There’s little question now that the hearing McConnell and Trump are plotting will be fair and impartial, or that these two have any intention of making it so. They’re not even bothering to pretend otherwise at this point, but for once the traditional media is calling them on it. Not universally and not frequently enough, but it’s happening.

Neither McConnell nor Graham deigned to respond to Newsweek’s request for a comment on Kirschner’s tweet. What more can they say that hasn’t already been made abundantly clear? They’ll do whatever it takes to keep Trump in office, no matter how destructive he is to—well, pretty much everything. 

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Source: dailykos