Mueller report now apparently NOT coming next week

This announcement brought to you by the National Association of Reporters Who Cried Wolf. Again.

After days of reports that the special counsel investigation under Robert Mueller was going to end next week and the Justice Department was standing by to catch a final report, along with a Britannica’s worth of speculation over what the heck that might mean, NBC News is reporting what is likely the least surprising outcome of all: The report is not coming next week.

Reporter Julia Ainsley is indicating that the report will not be appearing next week after all, based on a statement from “a senior official at the Justice Department.” The initial reaction would seem to be … well, of course. Because there are so many things obviously still hanging

CNN, which was the first outlet to report that the report was coming, has now reversed itself and agreed that it’s not coming. However, CNN is blaming the nonappearance of the report on Trump’s being out of the country and the special counsel not wanting to “step on the toes” of foreign policy. Take that for what it’s worth … which is likely not much.

Source: dailykos