North Carolina Republicans call for new election in 9th District … but not because of fraud

The executive director of the North Carolina Republican Party is calling for a new election in the state’s 9th Congressional District … but he’s not pointing to the absentee ballot fraud carried about by a Republican operative working for Mark Harris, the candidate who holds a narrow lead. No, according to Dallas Woodhouse, the reason for a new election lies in the early vote.

According to an affidavit from an elections assistant in Bladen County—where the absentee ballot shenanigans happened—the early votes were counted before Election Day, and with people other than precinct judges present.

This is … interesting. A call for a new election is a call for a new election, but this looks an awful lot like Republicans trying to distract from the intentional fraud done by one of their party’s operatives, working for their candidate, in a scheme that has been going on since 2010. So, yes. Let’s have that new election. But that doesn’t mean the investigation of Leslie McCrae Dowless’s absentee ballot fraud gets dropped, or the investigation into the Harris campaign’s relationship with Dowless.

Source: dailykos