Northam won't resign; claims 'honest conversation' about racism only possible if he stays governor

With his wife Pamela by his side, feeding him words, Democrat Ralph Northam refused to step down as Virginia governor on Saturday afternoon, further exacerbating and escalating a racist public relations crisis that broke Friday afternoon.

Members of the press crowded into the Virginia Governor’s Mansion Saturday for a prepared statement from Northam, addressing a shockingly racist photo on his personal page in the 1984 Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook, which showed a man in blackface and another in a Ku Klux Klan robe and hood, ostensibly while attending a racist costume party over 34 years ago.

Northam denied, denied, denied.

I believe then and now that I am not either of those people in that photo.


That is not me, that’s not who I am. While I have made mistakes in my past, what started yesterday is not realistic, and I just hope folks will realize that.

His excuses were numerous and varied, and included “I did not purchase the EVMS yearbook,” and theories about human error on the part of the Eastern Virginia Medical School yearbook committee, but he did not waver on his insistence that he was not in the image despite apologizing for being in the image.

I didn’t study it very well. The first thing I said to the person that showed it to me was ‘That can’t be me.’

When pressed about apologizing for something he didn’t do the day before, Northam wasn’t convincing.

Source: dailykos