Obama on GOP: 'They have no way of protecting preexisting conditions … they're just making it up

The degree of commitment this year’s crop of Republican candidates has for just brazen lying is astounding even by Republican standards. Granted, they had eight years worth of practice, what with cooking up all those lies about how the Affordable Care Act was going to destroy the nation. Those lies make this year’s lies all the more brazen and dumbfounding.

Because now they’re telling you that for the past eight years they’ve been committed to making sure that the parts of the law that the public has come to know and rely upon and really appreciate stay. When they have voted over and over and over again to do the opposite, to repeal Obamacare “root and branch” as Mitch McConnell once promised. After all those votes, after all their failed efforts at coming up with anything that could provide the kind of protections that are in the ACA, they’re insisting now that all along, they were looking out for us.

Just ask the guy who spearheaded the ACA, former President Barack Obama. He’ll tell you. “Now that it’s election season,” he said at a rally in Las Vegas, Republicans “are out there saying, ‘Well, actually we’re going to protect people with preexisting conditions even though we’re going to cut health care.’ . . . I can tell you that they have no way of protecting preexisting conditions with anything they propose. They’re just saying it. They’re just making it up.”

Everything Republicans have proposed in the past eight years—and in fact what the Trump administration is actually doing could make health insurance completely unaffordable for people with pre-existing conditions. Period. They will say they’re protecting those benefits because they mouth the words, but they are lying.

That’s just what they do. They’re such liars they’re still doing it, even when they know that we all know that’s what they’re doing. And it has to end.

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Source: dailykos