Pelosi invites Trump, fresh off impeachment, to deliver State of the Union address

Just imagine … “My fellow Americans, I have been impeached, I am on trial, and I am here to report that the State of the Union is strong!” Hear, hear!

Or something like that. If there’s one person Trump would like to pummel right now, it’s probably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has bested him at every turn and finally, permanently tarred his tenure as pr*sident with the word “impeachment.” Heh. But Pelosi, always one to stand on ceremony, has invited Trump to give his annual State of the Union address on Feb. 4, when the Senate, the very body he will be addressing, may actually be in the midst of trying him for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Trump’s already reportedly “mad as hell” about Pelosi delaying the trial.

The history of the Trump-Pelosi relationship with the SOTU is already fraught. Earlier this year, amid Trump’s record-breaking government shutdown, Pelosi rescinded her invitation to him to deliver the address until the government was reopened. The White House initially suggested that Trump would proceed with the address, perhaps at some different location, before realizing Pelosi had the upper hand. It was a tough time for Trump, who was being outmaneuvered by Pelosi at every turn on the shutdown. Being deprived of the audience provided by the State of the Union address was a vexing blow for Trump. 

Now Pelosi is offering him her platform once again—as an impeached president. Surely his near-perfect decorum will be on full display. 

Source: dailykos