Pence gets coronavirus vaccine on TV as Bidens plan to receive it on Monday – live

8.49pm GMT

More members of the House of Representatives are receiving their coronavirus vaccine, after speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell were vaccinated earlier today.

Multiple lawmakers heralded the safety and efficacy of the vaccine to encourage their constituents to get vaccinated as well when the treatment becomes more widely available.

Today, at the recommendation of the House attending physician, I received the Covid-19 vaccine. The #CovidVaccine is safe and effective, and I am confident in the science. Thank you to all of the doctors, researchers and medical professionals who made this possible.

Following the Capitol Physician’s guidance, I took the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine earlier today.

I want the American people to know this vaccine is safe and I am confident in its efficacy. We must do all we can to ensure our friends and neighbors know the same.

The #COVID19 vaccine is a medical miracle that marks the beginning of the end of the pandemic. Thankful for all of the scientists, doctors, and frontline heroes who made this possible. Getting vaccinated today so I can continue to do my job representing you in Congress.

8.35pm GMT

Donald Trump spoke with Emmanuel Macron yesterday, as the French president continues to quarantine after testing positive for coronavirus.

“President Trump wished President Macron a speedy recovery and quick return to his full duties,” the White House said in a readout of the call.

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Source: theguardian