Poll: Big majority of Americans don't want a border wall, and strong opposition is growing

While Donald Trump claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “can keep playing her games, but we will win. Because we have a much better issue” when it comes to a border wall, a large majority of the American public is opposed to Trump’s wall. A new Gallup poll finds that 60 percent of people  oppose or strongly oppose “significantly expanding the construction of walls along the U.S.-Mexico border.”

Since June 2018, overall opposition to the wall has ticked up a statistically insignificant three points, but strong opposition has grown by five points, from 34 percent to 39 percent. While people oppose a border wall, a three-fourths majority do support hiring more border agents. But Trump is obsessed with a wall, and remains convinced that it is a popular idea, even after being forced to cave and reopen the government in his wall showdown.

Trump may feel secure in his wall fixation because his base is still with him, but as November’s elections—leading to him having to face off against Speaker Pelosi—should have shown him, that’s not enough.

Source: dailykos