Reminder for media: There is no 'Republican healthcare plan'—period

Once again, Trump is all but challenging the press to call his bluff. This time, it’s over his improbable and utterly unsubstantiated claim that Republicans will soon unveil a healthcare plan to rival Obamacare. There’s likely not a single journalist in Washington, D.C. who believes that boast. But will they say so? Will they set aside phony concerns for “balance” and  announce clearly and without apology that Trump is lying, yet again? It’s paramount that they do.

Republicans, of course, have spent a decade trying to obliterate Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, the federally funded program that extended medical insurance to approximately 20 million previously uninsured people. Last week, Trump’s Department of Justice shocked many political observers, including Republicans in Congress, when it asked a federal appeals court to completely invalidate President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement, including its protections for people with preexisting conditions, as well as Obamacare’s guarantee that children can stay on their parents’ insurance until age 26. A study by the Urban Institute’s Health Policy Center indicates that as many as 20 million Americans could lose their coverage if the ACA is struck down.

Tens of millions more with workplace plans could also be affected, as employers would be allowed to scale back certain medical benefits and people with preexisting conditions buying coverage on their own would no longer be guaranteed access to coverage at no extra cost,” the Washington Post reports.

“If we win on the termination of Obamacare, we will have a plan that’s far better than Obamacare, including, very importantly, preexisting conditions, which I’ve always been in favor of,” Trump told reporters last week, in a statement completely wrapped in fantasy, simply because there is no GOP plan. Period.

In a way, health care represents the Trump administration’s original gaslighting project. Just weeks after being sworn into office, Trump, with the help of GOP leaders, unleashed an unprecedented campaign of open deceit to sell the GOP alternative to Obamacare, as they readied their vote to kill the landmark legislation.

Source: dailykos