Rep. Bob Goodlatte: It's 'awfully tough' for Ivanka Trump to comply with federal email policies

No matter how far Trump-apologizing Republicans have fallen, wait five minutes and they will have fallen a little more.

The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.), said on Monday that it was “awfully tough” for government officials such as Ivanka Trump to comply with agency standards for secure communications when sending emails.

If there was one message frothing Republicans had for the nation in the ancient times of two thousand sixteen, or seventeen, or most of eighteen, or last week, it was not that government email policies were too complex for top government officials like poor Ivanka Trump to understand.

But nobody cares then, and nobody cares now. Bob Goodlatte hasn’t given a damn about his government day job since the day he got sworn in, and isn’t about to start now that he’s a short-timer pissing away his last days working to get indicted Trump toadies like Carter Page off the hook.

What’s next for Bob Goodlatte, you ask? We don’t know. He is currently once again demanding the testimony of James Comey, who he is mad at because Comey did not prosecute presidential candidate Hillary Clinton over, that’s right, her email practices. After that it’s possible he’ll move to stake out the Fox News lunchroom, looking for a chance to kneecap Steve Doocy and get some of that sweet, sweet Fox & Friends money.

Source: dailykos