Republicans are afraid of a radical, fringe theory … called 'democracy'

While Republicans from Congress to the Justice Department continue the great work of turning America into a place where every aspect of the government is completely under the control of a single all-powerful executive, they have identified the nation’s true adversary: authoritarianism.

But, as New York Magazine notes, for conservatives, that scary word doesn’t mean what you may think it means. They’re not concerned by the idea of one man having his stubby fingers on the buttons for Diet Coke and nuclear bombs and meting out justice. They’re concerned about the other kind of authoritarianism. The kind where people get to vote. Also known as democracy.

Republicans, who are now feeling super-powerful in the warm afterglow of the Barr letter, are taking this opportunity to revive potent slams from 1950s beach movies and call Democrats pencil-necked geeks, not to mention “power-hungry crazies” who are “declaring war on the Constitution.”

Fox’s Marc Thiessen—who notably was the brain trust behind the scheme to strip House Democrats of their security clearances in order to stop the work of House committees, while failing to note that House members don’t need security clearances—has also been delivering the full-throated warning that the “increasingly radical” Democrats are trying to force their agenda on “an unwilling nation.” Fox News put it in all caps: “DEMS TEARING UP THE CONSTITUTION.”

Exactly what is the radical, authoritarian paper-shredding doom that the power-crazies are trying to deliver to America? It’s this: one person, one vote.

The screaming from Republicans is because Democrats are fighting to end policies that make it easier for the nation to be dominated by a wealthy, white, angry minority that has manipulated the system for not just decades, but centuries, to protect itself against the threat of genuine democracy. Protecting that control isn’t just what Trump is all about; it’s what his party is all about, and Republicans know it’s the only fight that matters.

Source: dailykos