Roger Stone's gag-order-busting book isn't selling well in bookstores or in court

That Roger Stone suddenly has a book out called The Myth of Russian Collusion might make it appear that he’s written something new. He hasn’t. This “new” book is just a new title slapped across his previous book, The Making of the President 2016. And the title of that book might make it seem that Stone’s book is somehow related to the Making of the President series by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Theodore White. It’s not.

However, Stone’s old book—which originally claimed to be the “inside story” of Trump’s campaign, which is quite an accomplishment for someone who claims he was not connected to that campaign—does contain something new. It has a new introduction. And in that new introduction, Stone claims that special counsel Robert Mueller is “crooked,” and declares that the whole Russia investigation is a product of “Deep State liberals” inside the FBI and the Justice Department implementing an insidious plan to go after Trump and, of course, devoted Trump fans such as Stone.

Stone and his attorneys conveniently forgot to mention this fact when they were in front of District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson to receive a smackdown of Stone’s actions that resulted in a much snugger gag order for the infamous “dirty trickster.” When the attorneys first queried Jackson about it last week, they claimed they had simply failed to think about the implications of the statements made in the introduction. And they also played coy with the publication date, making it seem that the book was still in the pipeline and talking about its “imminent release,” when it fact the paperback was already on the shelves.

None of this thrilled Judge Jackson, who had the attorneys back in court on Monday for a fresh … discussion. A core subject of this discussion was Jackson’s creeping suspicion that neither Stone nor his legal team was really concerned that the book introduction was going to trip her gag-order-ometer. Instead, Jackson asked them point-blank if they had staged the whole thing, from asking questions to admitting the book was out, to generate publicity for Stone’s re-re-release of his book.

And if that sounds ludicrously desperate, as Politico notes, Stone’s book isn’t exactly doing well. In communications with the publisher, Stone noted that there was a “glut” of similar books. Actually, Stone wrote, “There is GLUT.” And the publisher has acknowledged that, despite all the press Stone has gotten for his arrest and court appearances, the hardback and the paperback editions “are not selling particularly well so far.”

Source: dailykos