Rory Stewart knocked out of Tory leadership contest in third round – live news

Stewart received just 27 votes as favourite Boris Johnson topped the poll with 143 votes from MPs

9.50pm BST

Sajid Javid has posted a moving letter he received from his daughter.

A long but exciting day just got so much better… came home to this from my 10yr old. Whatever happens next, I will be happy.

9.37pm BST

Was it dark arts to knock out Raab, was it Saj’s last minute surge or was it a meh performance in the BBC hustings? All the latest fall-out from this third round of Tory leadership voting

Some people may like that, others may not. But I think its actually that cut through that he’s able to achieve, that he was able to demonstrate in those campaigns [for London mayor]

Delighted for my friend and colleague @BorisJohnson Great result in the third ballot. We can unite our party and unite our country. Happy 55th birthday boss! #BackBoris

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Source: theguardian