Sad Trump aides find Trump's unhinged attacks on war hero and husband of a colleague uncomfortable

Anyone currently working in Donald Trump’s White House is inherently pathetic, unless perhaps they have stayed there for the sole purpose of leaking things to the press about the top contender for the absolute worst president in history. But there’s a special level of detestability for those aides who have chosen to stay in Trump’s employ and then complain about it to the press, such as in this Politico article about Trump’s latest deplorable attacks on the late Sen. John McCain and Kellyanne Conway’s husband, George.

One current White House official said aides were making an effort “not to discuss it in polite company.” Now there’s a stand for decency if ever there was one. 

Another current White House official sounded practically apoplectic. “It does not appear to be a great use of our time to talk about George Conway or dead John McCain. … Why are we doing this?” Welcome to the real world, friend—you work for one of the worst human beings on earth. Absolutely nothing you do in Trump’s administration is a “great use” of time—unless you consider lining Trump’s pockets while debasing our republic and angling toward the next world war a good use of time.

Some aides are apparently concerned that Trump’s jabs at Kellyanne’s husband might undercut her legendary spinning of alternative facts. Poor, poor Kellyanne.

“It makes it very, very, very difficult” for her to do her job, said the former senior White House official.

And her job of keeping Fox News viewers packed to the gills with a steady flow of corrosive misinformation sure is a critical component of good governance. Yep, the White House staff reportedly reveres Queen Alternative Factoid. “She’s somebody who’s highly respected throughout the building and everybody just stands by her,” a senior White House official told Politico. “Her role is seen as invaluable.”

Yeah, that pretty much says it all about the losers in the White House trying to avoid talking “in polite company” about the repugnant behavior of the man they have chosen to work for. Get used to it, people. You will spend the rest of your lives trying to avoid talking “in polite company” about your deplorable choices during this moment in history.   

Source: dailykos