Scheme to smear Robert Mueller is unraveling before it begins and … it's kind of hilarious

Subtle … is not on the menu at Gateway Pundit or NewsMax, the two conservative outlets who are apparently coordinating on the story of Robert Mueller, sex monster.

On Monday evening, Gateway Pundit writer Jacob Wohl revealed his staggering insight into upcoming stories by revealing that “media sources tell me that a scandalous story about Mueller is breaking tomorrow.” And just like clockwork, Newsmax reporter Jack Burkman popped up on Tuesday morning to announce “some sad news.” According to Burkman, on Thursday, Newsmax would be revealing the “first of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sex assault victims.”

And then—in between stories about how Democrats recruited Caser Sayoc years in advance to bomb Democrats—Gateway Pundit writer Jim Hoft published a story, complete with semi-official-looking blacked-out ‘court documents’ accusing Robert Mueller of grabbing a woman in a bar, informing her of his name, forcing her into an elevator, telling her he was FBI, hauling her to his hotel room under threats, raping her, and warning her that he was “a very powerful law enforcement officer” so she should never tell. 

Wohl was, of course, on top of this surprising development from “media sources.” Which, considering that it broke from the media source where he works, doesn’t seem to suggest all that high a level of prescience. But Wohl was in it all the way, posting multiple tweets with the #WeBelieveSurvivors. This fits well with the Gateway Pundit comments which uniformly were along the lines of “You have to believe the woman! You have to!” Except … not when the survivor does not exist.

And all this would be so, so believable … except. First off, the scheme to smear Mueller was so clumsily handled that apparently it involved called semi-random women to find someone who would agree to take a payoff to mouth their provided script. And before Gateway Pundit and Newsmax decided “screw it, we’ll just do it ourselves” they tried to get every media outlet inside and outside Washington to carry this pot of poo for them.

Source: dailykos