Sen. Ted Cruz, a traitor, defends Republican attempts to nullify the election

Sen. Ted Cruz, a traitor to his oath and country, knows that his pushed-for proposal to delay Senate confirmation of Joe Biden as next president so that a muddy-premised investigation of “fraud” can be hurried through is nonsensical. Cruz is, by all accounts, an intelligent enough lawyer to understand that the law and Constitution provides no mechanism to do what he is pretending to ask for. Cruz has gotten a near-dozen of fellow senators contemptuous of democracy to sign on to a demand that cannot be fulfilled, but will further promote the utterly fraudulent notion that Donald Trump only lost reelection because of fraud nobody in the nation has been able to identify, Trump’s own lawyers are unable to give evidence for or even are willing to coherently explain, and is both utterly invisible and so large a conspiracy as to have, allegedly, overthrown the head of government.

Trump has claimed “fraud” in every lost contest of his life, whether it be television ratings, contracts he wished to skip out on, awards, and so forth. He is a malignant narcissist swimming in a sea of his own delusions. He is, literally, delusional. Ted Cruz, however, knows that he is asking that his party undertake a coup based on fraudulent propaganda and fever-dream hoaxes. He knows it, and is promoting the hoaxes to further his own ambitions. He is advocating that an election be nullified so that his own party can retain power regardless of the voters’ choice. It is only that.

Cruz was unwilling to defend his indefensible position to anyone but the most aggressive of Fox News’ own fascist voices, a perch from which he again stoked false theories that are fomenting far-right violence—for his own gain. As with all Republican objectors to the election results, he offered no evidence, only useful delusions.

Ted Cruz tells Maria Bartiromo that the “electoral commission” he’s demanding could ultimately “set aside” the election results — the implication being that this would clear the way for another Trump term

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 3, 2021

He also mewed that everyone objecting to his transparently fascist tactics should “calm down.” He has been called a traitor and a seditionist, and he believes such talk is “throwing lit matches” into a tinder box. But he is plainly advocating sedition, and can therefore go to hell. More to the point, he has so plainly violated his own oath of office, in promoting conspiracies to advocate for an extra-legal, extra-Constitutional false remedy, that he should be impeached and removed from that office. His actions are unforgivable.

“I think everyone needs to calm down … It’s like a tinder box and throwing lit matches into it.” —Sen. Ted Cruz, who has been throwing lit matches into a tinder box

— The Recount (@therecount) January 3, 2021

As House Republicans and a collection of senators willing to stoke a bit of opportunistic authoritarianism continue to coalesce, their numbers tell the story. This is a party that is against elections themselves. This is a party that not just willingly, but aggressively spreads falsehoods intended to mislead the American people, and a movement that relies on false propaganda as its primary means of gaining power.

If Republicans had kept the House, the election would indeed be nullified and Trump would be reinstalled as leader regardless of the results. That seems clear enough. Ex-House Republican Mark Meadows would have helped lead that charge; as newest Trump chief of staff, he continues to boost his would-be Dear Leader even as Trump has been calling for mass demonstrations to erase his loss.

We’re now at well over 100 House members and a dozen Senators ready to stand up for election integrity and object to certification. It’s time to fight back.

— Mark Meadows (@MarkMeadows) January 3, 2021

Trump previously told his white supremacist and fascism-promoting allies to “stand by.” The language in recent days, from Trump and allies, is the more explicit “fight back.”

Not all is well in the land of Trump sycophants, however. Sen. Josh Hawley, the grotesquely ambitious mannequin from Missouri who first announced he would ask the Senate to throw out Biden electors in the swing states that cemented Trump’s loss, has been overshadowed by Cruz’s attempt to steal the anti-elections limelight. He is also smarting from the condemnations of the scant few Republican lawmakers still unwilling to betray their country on the say-so of a delusional con man. His defense is all empty words.

Trump’s best pair of shoes, in the meantime, has his own reasons for grousing. Sen. Lindsey Graham is also irritated by Cruz’s willingness to upstage him in his fealty to the now-rampaging Dear Leader. Graham’s objection to Cruz’s proposal that an election be nullified based on propagandistic hoax is couched carefully: He complains that Cruz’s sycophancy “has zero chance of becoming reality” and is therefore merely a “political dodge”, not “effectively” fighting for Trump.

That may be the best single-line version of how we currently find ourselves in an aspirational coup. A party now without morals or merit scuttles, person-by-person, to be the most trusted ally of a madman, all fighting over who can assist his delusions most ably while brushing aside whatever catastrophic damage results. Trump has now betrayed his nation countless times. He may have a full majority of his party behind him as he attempts to nullify democracy itself.

Source: dailykos