Senate Republicans delude themselves that Trump won't stick to them like glue in 2020

Amid the government shutdown, Donald Trump sustained among the worst self-inflicted wounds to his approval rating since being elected. In fact, Trump’s polling hasn’t had even a flicker of a bright spot ever since he led the GOP into a virtual bloodbath at the polls last fall. But now that Trump’s approvals are among his lowest in a year—especially among women and independents—some Senate Republican are clinging to the illusion that they can separate themselves from Trump’s dismal popularity heading into 2020. Not only did they blanket the Sunday shows to express dismay over a shutdown they did absolutely nothing to end, they are privately arguing that voters won’t hold them accountable for presiding over the longest shutdown in history.

As the Washington Post reports: “GOP officials have noted that some polls that have split congressional Republicans from Trump in questions asking who is at fault have found voters blame GOP lawmakers less. For example, a CBS News-YouGov poll conducted Jan. 9 to 11 said just 3 percent of the public blamed Hill Republicans for the partial shutdown, compared with 47 percent for Trump and 30 percent for congressional Democrats.”

One Republican pollster went so far as to suggest the epic shutdown that risked lives, weakened national security, and harmed local economies across the country would be only a faint memory in voters’ minds. “This far out from 2020, with the speed of modern news cycles, we’re about a thousand stories from the next election, any one of which may make a lot more difference than this one,” pollster Chris Wilson predicted.

Yeah, keep telling yourselves that. House Republicans thought they could escape Trump’s stench in the 2018 election, too. How’d that work out?

The notion that people who took a credit rating hit or were forced to go to food banks for sustenance will somehow have a memory lapse is simply offensive, as former RNC chair Michael Steele noted. 

Source: dailykos