Support the candidate that excites you. Stop worrying what everyone else (including Trump) thinks

I was at a dinner, when my ears perked up at a conversation at the next booth. The two sweet old ladies were discussing the 2020 presidential campaign. 

“I really like that Elizabeth Warren!” said one of them. “But she’s too defined.” 

Her companion agreed with her, lamenting how Trump had “labeled her.” In the end, they decided the electable one was “that nice mayor Pete.” 

Regardless of whether you agree or not on the whole Mayor Pete thing (I’ve been clear I vehemently disagree), we liberals need to stop worrying about what other people think about our candidates. Seriously, just stop it!

1) No matter who we nominate, Traitor Trump will label/define/nickname/belittle our candidate. Stop thinking any candidate is immune. This is one of Trump’s super powers, and he will successfully wield it against our nominee. 

2) Stop thinking we need to nominate a man to win. If you prefer a male candidate on the merits, good for you. If you prefer a male candidate out of fear, then just look at 2016—Hillary Clinton WON THE ELECTION. Or at least she would’ve, in a rational democracy. She won 3 million more votes. So why did she lose? Because of depressed turnout in Milwaukee, Detroit, and Pennsylvania urban areas. That was both a base problem, and a voter suppression problem. We focus on that, any of our candidates can win, even the ones without a penis. (I’ll argue elsewhere that our women candidates are actually better able to appeal to the party base and swingy suburban white women, but we can table that one for now.)

If Clinton, with all her obvious negatives, could win millions more votes than Trump, why would someone think any of our awesome women candidates couldn’t do the same, if not better? 

Source: dailykos