Susan Collins apparently has nothing to say about being endorsed by Trump

Usually after a president’s “100%” endorsement of a fellow party member, the recipient of that largesse goes out of their way to tout it. But Donald Trump and Susan Collins aren’t your usual politicians.

Despite the fact that some of Maine’s leading newspapers, including the Bangor Daily News and the Portland Press Herald, reported on it, Collins has remained mum. As the Daily News said, this was “a rare shout-out on Twitter […] promoting a fundraising page for the Republican while calling her re-election crucial for her party’s bid to maintain control of the upper chamber.” So she should be grateful, right?

Could it be that she doesn’t appreciate having Trump’s support? Could it be that Trump fundraising for her is just a little bit awkward, since she’s supposed to be acting as an impartial juror approaching his impeachment hearing in the Senate? Maybe this looks just a little too much like a bribe? Because, you know, it is.

Collins has chosen her side, and it’s not Maine anymore. Please give $1 to help Democrats in each of these crucial Senate races, but especially the one in Maine!

Source: dailykos