Susan Collins is 'working very closely' with Trump to save her political skin

If this statement from one of Sen. Susan Collins’ staffers is any guide, the senator who sold herself as a “moderate” has given up the ghost, or taken off her mask. She’s a Trumper now.

“Our party is under siege by Hollywood,” Collins staffer Carol Woodcock told the Hancock County Republicans earlier this month. Yes, Hollywood has taken over Maine, apparently, to make Collins the “number one targeted seat in the country.” The senator who once said that she did not vote for Trump because he was “unworthy of being our president” has apparently gotten over it. “We are working very closely with the National Republican Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Trump administration, the Maine Republican Party, trying to figure out ways to address this problem,” said Woodcock.

Anything to win is the new Collins, even gluing herself to Trump to stave off an attack from her right, and to solidify Republicans behind her so that she gets more than 50 percent in the state’s ranked-choice vote. “[Collins] will have to get over 50 percent,” Woodcock told the gathering, “because if she doesn’t get over 50 percent, and there is more than one Democrat in the race, then she will go down just like Bruce Poliquin did.”

You might as well color her orange at this point. From now until November 2, there won’t be an inch of daylight between Collins and Trump.

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Source: dailykos