The migrant deaths aren't in the camps: they're in the desert and the Rio Grande

This all could have been foreseen. It could have been predicted. It was all the way back in June 2018 that the United Nations declared the separation and detention of migrant children as torture.

Human rights office spokeswoman Ravini Shamdasani said Friday that “children should never be detained for reasons related to their or their parents’ migration status”.

Shamdasani urged the US to overhaul its migration policy, such as by relying on “non-custodial and community-based alternatives” under the “logic of care” rather than that of law enforcement.

Also Friday, a group of nearly a dozen independent human rights experts commissioned by the UN said the new US policy “may lead to indefinite detention of entire families in violation of international human rights standards”.

Last week, people were shocked at an AP report of 250 migrant kids being locked up for weeks without adequate food and sanitation at the Border Patrol station in Clint, Texas, near El Paso. “Somebody is going to die,” said attorney Warren Binford, who had interviewed children at the station.

Well, yeah, somebody died. As a matter of fact, a lot of people have died and are going to die before this is all over and done with.

Source: dailykos