There's more Trump-caused pain for rural communities in his Christmas shutdown

One quarter of the federal government is now very likely to shut at midnight tonight because Individual 1 is tailspinning out of control. That would take paychecks away from about 800,000 federal employees for who knows how long; Trump says “a very long time.”

More than half of those employees, about 420,000 of them, will have to stay on the job anyway. Here’s who will probably be working and who won’t for the duration if Mitch McConnell can’t convince Trump to back down. These employees will have to stay on the job without pay:

More than 41,000 law enforcement and correctional officers
Up to 88 percent of Department of Homeland Security employees
Up to 5,000 Forest Service firefighters

Who will be furloughed home:

Roughly 86 percent of the Department of Commerce staff
About 96 percent of NASA employees
About 52,000 IRS workers
Roughly 95 percent of Housing and Urban Development employees

They’re all, rightfully, freaked out.

“Our members are asking how they are supposed to pay for rent, food, and gas if they are required to work without a paycheck,” David Cox, the president of the American Federation of Government Employees, said in a statement. “The holiday season makes these inquiries especially heart-wrenching.”

Remember, nearly 8 out of 10 Americans report that they’re living paycheck to paycheck, even those making as much as $100,000 a year. Not too many federal employees are making more than that.

Source: dailykos