This week at progressive state blogs: Scott Walker's revisionism; LA senator's crackerbarrel 'isms'

This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Here is the December 1 edition. Inclusion of a blog post does not necessarily indicate my agreement with—or endorsement of—its contents.

Tom Van Alten at FortBoise of Idaho writes—Swan Songs:

NYT proposes to my morning viewing that it’s breaking news that George H.W. Bush is having a state funeral, but actually, no. He had a good, long life, some worthy accomplishments, some less-worthy things, and by comparison to some of what followed, he earned some genuine praise, which should suffice for a ceremony. I’m not going to take on the job of weighing his soul, or watching his funeral; someone can round up the highlights for me. It’s worth highlighting the good things, I think. The Americans with Disabilities Act has been a boon for civil rights.

The international acid rain treaty, from back when bipartisan progress for the environment was possible. Former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney highlighted that, and NAFTA, the ADA, and Bush’s international stature.

Defending the downing of civilian Iran Air Flight 655 was a not-great moment. Given the current administration’s imagined (or anticipated) impunity for criminal acts, the Iran-Contra affair (“a hydra-headed scandal”), and the pardons that GHWB handed out just before he left office are worth another look.

The timing doesn’t seem like it will work quite the same for Trump, who can hardly claim he was “out of the loop” when he’s been in the thick of the swamp since long before his inauguration day. Now that the special counsel has said that Trump’s first national security advisor Michael Flynn was a key cooperator and should serve little prison timeDavid Rothkopf’s Twitter thread takes a more critical view of the original bad acts. He points out that Flynn “undercut norms of decency” (does anybody remember norms of decency?!) “in calling for a political opponent like Hillary Clinton to be locked up,” even as he himself was serving other countries ahead of ours, for personal financial gain.

Birds of a feather.

Flynn’s misdeeds pale in comparison to what his boss has done, and continues to do, obstructing justice and tampering with witnesses for the ongoing investigation, in plain sight.

“He was at the center of one of the darkest moments in the history of the American presidency,” Rothkopf notes, of Flynn, near the end of his thread. This darkest moment, still in process.

Source: dailykos