This week at progressive state blogs: Uninsured kids; 'white men in chains' lie; climate crisis

This week at progressive state blogs is designed specifically to focus attention on the writing and analysis of people focused on their home turf. Here is the November 24 edition. Inclusion of a blog post does not necessarily indicate my agreement with—or endorsement of—its contents.

At Blue Virginia, A Siegel writes—As the U.S. Government Issues Dire Climate Warning, Richmond Times-Dispatch Ramps Up Climate Denialism on Its Editorial Page:

The Richmond Times Dispatch is the Commonwealth’s capital’s local rag. It is the rag perhaps most likely to be on the desk of government employees and politicians. As Virginia turns blue, from purple, and as the climate crisis worsens, the RTD has doubled (quadrupled down) on climate-science denialism and rabid right-wing conservatism by bringing on board yet another climate-science denier and fossil-fuel propagandist onto its already hard-right, pro-fossil-fuel, pro-Dominion-Energy editorial team.

The RTD has a long and often sordid history, embedded in Virginia’s climate of capitulation. That history includes consistently, even relentlessly, pushing Dominion Energy’s company line, and working to advance Dominion executives’ and shareholders’ short-term power and profit interests over the broader interests of Virginians. […[

Earlier this week came an announcement that Jim Bacon (lead author/owner of Bacon’s Rebellion, a libertarian website) will become part of the RTD editorial page staff and will be writing both op-ed’s and newspaper editorials. Let’s be clear: Bacon’s Rebellion material is sometimes entertaining and, in some of the material, has a form of wonkiness that can be attractive/engaging for policy nerds. On its best days, it can provides valuable windows and thinking about policy interests with enough substance that can enable thoughtful engagement. That is more than tainted, however, by Bacon’s (now) long-ago descent into and feverish embrace/promotion of climate-science denialism.

An excellent example of Bacon’s shallow assault on science came with his bizarre discussion of sunspots and climate change, in which the opening paragraph contains the blatantly false – and utterly absurd – assertion that climate scientists seem to not know the sun exists. (By the way, as aside, see Skeptical Science for a list of basic climate science denialist false statements along with the scientific explanations of the situation. Several are “sun” oriented.)

Source: dailykos