This Week in Statehouse Action: It's The End Of The World As We Know It edition

Happy almost Election Day!

A week from today, the world will be a different place.

Well, technically that’s true every day. But that’s going to be, like, super true next Thursday.

Because after Tuesday, we’ll know if Democrats are legit on their way back to power at the state legislative level.

… actually we already kinda know that they are.

Campaign Action

After all, you don’t flip a Washington legislative chamber (and create a Democratic trifecta) and pick up 15 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates—all in a single night—without being on the upswing.

And you don’t dramatically overperform in 80 special elections over the course of the cycle if things aren’t looking generally positive for your party.

The question on Tuesday isn’t whether or not Democrats are going to have some success on the state legislative level.

Rather, it’s whether or not Democrats can overcome the many obstacles stacked against them—GOP gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and being outspent by the other side—to have the kind of success that will boost the health of the party overall for years to come.

I Feel Fine: With just a few days to go, I have super minor tweaks to make to my state legislative chamber ratings.

The chambers most likely to flip haven’t really moved, but I do want to shift two more chambers out of the LOL No Chance In Hell category to Hey, It’s A Bananas Long Shot But If Dems Run The Table … category.

Er, I mean Safe R to Likely R.

Those chambers are the Michigan state Senate and the Kentucky state House.

Here’s an updated chart:

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You can find the full list of chambers (and their respective flippability ratings) here.

Source: dailykos