This Week in Statehouse Action: Votebusters edition

Once upon a midterm dreary, while I pundited, weak and weary

Over many a dense and curious spreadsheet of election lore—

While I analyzed, data mapping, suddenly I was handicapping

Though my energy fast was sapping, sapping out of every pore

Just 12 days, I muttered, surely this I can endure—

Then the midterms are done for.

Let’s red majorities dismember—it’s very nearly sweet November

Seems just yesterday was September when through every poll we tore 

And the facts have all the seeming of chambers of which I’m dreaming

And the majorities of which I’m scheming, Dems will win several more

Could it be time for silver linings and Republican rule done for?

Quoth the Fiddler, five or more!

Campaign Action

… happy (almost) Halloween, y’all!

It’s really pretty handy how this holiday falls at this point in the election cycle.

Everyone’s already super freaked out over one thing or another—whether it’s polls narrowing or getting the crap kicked out of you in fundraising, fear seems to be a feeling both sides of the aisle have in common right now.

But state politics isn’t scared of you, me, or anything, and if you ignore it, it might tp your house.

I Put A $pell On You: Daily Kos has rolled out its final endorsements of the election cycle, and they’re in 12 statehouse races across five legislative chambers.

Kayser Enneking, Florida SD-08
Janet Cruz, Florida SD-18
Mari Manoogian, Michigan HD-40
Padma Kuppa, Michigan HD-41
Alberta Griffin, Michigan HD-61
Julie von Haefen, North Carolina HD-36
Christy Clark, North Carolina HD-98
Danielle Otten, Pennsylvania HD-155
Jennifer O’Mara, Pennsylvania HD-165
Kristin Seale, Pennsylvania HD-168
Kriss Marion, Wisconsin SD-17
Lee Snodgrass, Wisconsin SD-19

As of this writing, the endorsements have already raised over $100,000 in just two days.

Even divided among 12 candidates, that’s nothing to sneeze at.

You may or may not have noticed that each of these chambers is rated Lean or Likely R—making the money raised for these candidates a potential game-changer as Democrats fund extra field shifts or that last digital ad buy as they work to flip these chambers.

Hundreds of state legislative seats are won (or lost, depending on your point of view) by 500 votes or fewer each cycle.
The return on investment in chronically underfunded statehouse campaigns is already ridiculously high, and a late cash infusion can make all the difference as Democrats work to eke out just a few more votes.

And if you have any doubts about the value of those few extra votes … well, just ask Virginia’s Shelly Simonds.
Source: dailykos