Time to subpoena Robert Mueller. No excuses

While the Hope Hicks fiasco was embarrassing, it is at this point genuinely outrageous that the nation hasn’t heard yet from special counsel Robert Mueller.

On MSNBC Wednesday, former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill made a salient point. “Don’t even talk to me about impeachment if you can’t manage to get Mueller in front of your committee,” McCaskill said, wondering why the subpoena wasn’t issued the day after the Mueller report dropped on April 18.

McCaskill, who is anything but a lefty liberal Democrat, is exactly right. The fact that the Judiciary Committee has been negotiating with Mueller for months now is just plain pathetic. In fact, some members of the Judiciary panel are equally mystified by his absence. Here’s New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, who has so far opposed beginning an impeachment process: “In my view, we need to hear from (Mueller) before Congress recesses in August for the district work period.” And from the pro-impeachment camp, Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline expressed his urgent wish that Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler would issue a subpoena: “It is my hope that that’s going to happen in very short order.”

House Intelligence Chair Adam Schiff also put Mueller on notice this week that his days were numbered for avoiding a subpoena from his panel. But the Intelligence Committee will likely interview Mueller behind closed doors.

It’s the Judiciary and Chairman Nadler who need to step up here, ASAP. Since Nadler has been urging House Speaker Nancy Pelosi behind the scenes to greenlight an impeachment inquiry, it’s possible that Pelosi has had a hand in delaying a Mueller subpoena.

Whatever the reason, I just have one question: Where is the fricking subpoena? The American people footed the bill for Mueller’s investigation for two years—they deserve to hear from him. And they should have heard from him months ago. 

Source: dailykos