Trump holds final rallies as midterm election campaign concludes – live

11.18pm GMT

When he was asked in a TV interview if he has any regrets, Trump responded that he could’ve had a “softer tone”:

President Trump in interview with @ABC7News: “I would like to have a much softer tone.”

Trump, in interview with @ABC7, says the one regret he has from his first two years in office is his tone.

“I would like to have a much softer tone. I feel, to a certain extent, I have no choice. But maybe I do. And maybe I could’ve been softer from that standpoint.”

I think this might be the first time he has ever answered this “do you regret anything” question with an actual (supposed) regret. He usually says things like that he regrets the media is so unfair to him.

11.03pm GMT

Sam Levin here, taking over our live coverage of the final day of campaigning. Trump is scheduled to speak soon in Indiana. Before the rally, reporters asked him if he was concerned that Democrats would go after his tax returns if they win the House. He responded:

Asked if he’s concerned Democrats will go after his tax returns if they win House, Trump told us: “No, I don’t care.”

“They can do whatever they want. And I can do whatever I want,” he told us on tarmac in Indiana.

In Indiana, they like our candidate. It’s really about the candidate, but if they want to give me the credit or the liability, I’ll be willing to take it.”

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Source: theguardian