Trump loses big, again, in the House Republican leadership race

So much for that effort by the unindicted co-conspirator to get his guy in at the helm of the much diminished House Republicans. Trump’s guy, Freedom Caucus founder and child molestation enabler Rep. Jim Jordan is not going to be minority leader.

Outgoing Speaker Paul Ryan’s guy, Kevin McCarthy, won easily, getting nearly four times as many votes as Jordan, 159-43. That might have had something to do with Jordan’s campaign for leadership which consisted of “we all suck.” Jordan was running on the platform that Republicans lost the House last week because they weren’t Trumpy enough, suggesting that Jordan is, in addition to being a maniac, an idiot.

Trump might still get his wish of having Jordan named ranking member on the House Judiciary Committee, where presumably he would be in a position to try to derail all of the things that committee intends to do about Trump. But since Jordan has been so strongly rebuked, and along with him Trump, by the Republican conference no one should be holding their breath on that.

Expect a White House tweet meltdown any minute now.

Source: dailykos